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Hi, I am Fern. I am a 24 year old mother of two little boys (3 & 1), and a fur mam to Luna (cat) and Cassie (dog).

I have been blogging for around 3 years now, under the username 'Mumconventional'. Although I absolutely loved writing about my parenting journey, and documenting motherhood with inevitable mental health struggles, I didn't really like having my whole 'brand' centred around my children. Each to their own, but as soon as I registered my website I had a niggly feeling in my gut that I would regret it as soon as they got older.

I didn't actually ever regret it but as they aged I had less and less to write about that I hadn't already covered in one way or other before, and I felt like I was completely restricted by the niche. (Also, on another note, as someone from the North East I use "mam" and not "mum". I felt like I was cheating on my roots by referring to myself as Mum all the time. It actually makes me cringe now!)

Now I have a new blog, I am now writing for me, and covering everything that I want. Sometimes I really want to write about true crime, lipsticks and good books that I have read, and other times I just want to talk about how much my kids have gotten on my nerves that week. I feel like I can now do that, under my own name. I really hope you stick around, and remember to follow me on my social media channels if you want to keep up with us:

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