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Monday, 11 November 2019

*Disclaimer: This guide contains gifted items, which I will label with a *. Most of the links below are affiliate links, which means, at no extra cost to you, I can make a small commission based on sales I generate to the items I am advertising below. 

Put your hand up if you find kids are harder to buy for than adults - I know I do. Kids change what they're interested in all of the time, and sometimes there's just so many options that it becomes overwhelming to say the least. I have put together all of these well loved items that would be suitable for children under 5, and divided them into categories if you're looking for something more specific. I really hope this helps, and if there is anything you think I should add, do let me know!

Personalised Christmas Eve Gifts:

Christmas Eve gifts are all the rage as of late, and if you're looking for something that would be a brilliant addition to a Christmas Eve box, these three personalised items would be perfect:

*1. Personalised Moon & Stars Bear - This gorgeous, soft teddy bear would be a great gift for any space obsessed toddler! The bear can be ordered in small, medium and large so could even be a fantastic stocking filler or a main wrapped gift too, and is also a wonderful way to get a child to learn how to spell their own name. My 3 year old loves practicing his alphabet and is also a big fan of taking cuddly toys to bed at the moment, so I know it will be a hit when he sees his own name printed on the bear's t-shirt for the very first time. GiftPup have lots of other personalised gifts for kids so be sure to check out their website for other options too!

2. Personalised Santa’s Treat Board  - The best part about Christmas Eve for a child is laying out a carrot for the reindeers, a glass of milk (or whisky) and a cookie for Santa before excitedly hurrying to bed. I remember it well, and would've loved something like this when I was a child! A personalised wooden treat board is a fantastic idea to get the kids involved and can be stored as a keepsake even after they have grown up. 

*3. Personalised ‘Goes To Sleep’ Book - This wonderful little book claims to help children sleep an extra 2+ hours per night, and who wouldn't want that? Especially on Christmas Eve! This book has a lovely story featuring lots of beautiful illustrations of animals and a personalised design of your own child including their name on the front page and throughout the book. Recommended for ages 6 months to 5 years old, this really would be a suitable gift for any young child you know and would again be a lovely addition to a Christmas Eve box or as a main present too. 

Paw Patrol & Spider-Man Gifts:

Character gifts are always adored by children who have their favourite programs and films to watch. A big favourite for most children I know (regardless of gender) is Paw Patrol and Spider-Man. I'm not sure why kids are obsessed with spiders, but they are! Here are a few that would be loved by most children under 5:

Paw Patrol:

2. Rubble's Crane 

These Paw Patrol characters and vehicles are a great gift/stocking filler to encourage imaginary play if your little one is as Paw Patrol obsessed as my two. However, I would definitely recommend adding them to your wish list and waiting for a sale/keeping an eye on their prices. From doing my research for this post I have seen them go anywhere from £15 to £4.99 on Amazon in the last few months!

(Zuma & Skye and many other characters are also available.)

3. Spider-Man Lego Duplo - Most children have Lego Duplo, and if not, it certainly is worth buying your first set. As above, it encourages imaginary play, helps hand-eye coordination, and best of all, keeps them entertained for hours! The Duplo sets are all interchangeable so we usually pick up a new set every Christmas/birthday to add to the collection - Farm Animals, Shops, Airports, Cars etc. There are so many of them to choose from and fantastic if you're out of other ideas. 

4. Spider-Man Walkie Talkies - A great joint present if you have two children to encourage them to play and communicate together. 

Educational Toys:

Educational gifts are my favourite. There's no better feeling than sitting down with your child and feeling as though they're learning from you, which is why I imagine so many people aspire to be teachers. These educational toys are perfect for a whole range of ages:

1. Match And Spell Game - A hands on, illustrated game which encourages your child to recognise letters and form words by matching individual letters to the cards in order to spell a word. This would be great for children who are just about to start pre-school nursery and are keen on learning! (aged 3+)

2. Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle - A fun little puzzle game for younger children who aren't quite ready to tackle bigger puzzles yet. The pieces are interchangeable so the bears can be dressed however your little one wishes, and the handy box they come in can be kept for storage too. I adore wooden toys by Melissa and Doug as they seem to stay in better condition for longer, and of course, they're better for the environment than plastic, if that matters to you when it comes to buying gifts. 

3. Magnetic Building Blocks - Magnetic building blocks are becoming widely popular in the sensory community as they're brightly coloured and challenge children to work out the best way to build something without relying on stacking them on top of each other. They sure are a step up from regular building blocks! There are lots of options available but these are the cheapest I found on Amazon for such a large set. 

4. Fire Engine Puzzle - If all else fails, a trusty floor puzzle is never a bad option. My 3 year old adores puzzles and would sit there for hours taking them apart and redoing them, if left to his own devices. It's also something you can sit and do with your child if they're not as independent, as a great bonding and play opportunity. 

Fun Toys:

1. Pounding Bench (Melissa & Doug) - Another Melissa and Doug toy which gets my vote. Brilliant option for kids with destructive and creative tendencies who need a release (and it's also just really fun for kids to hit things with a hammer, apparently). These have always been a favourite for my children whenever I have taken them to playgroups, so I have decided to purchase them one this year of their own! 

2. Car With Shooting Motorbikes - Something gimmicky that you just know young children would love. The car lights up, makes noises and shoots motorbikes out at the click of a button! Oscar (3) has a love of anything that fires across the room so I can almost guarantee this would be his favourite gift of them all. 

3. Piggy Bank Toy - Another idea for younger children that encourages hand-eye coordination and helps them to count, however the piggy bank also sings songs and encourages play too! My eldest had received something similar for his first birthday - The Vtec Feed Me Dinosaur, and he played with it every single day just posting in the items and getting them back out for months. These are definite firm favourites for children everywhere. 

4. Ambi Magic Man - I'm not going to lie, I chose to include this because I was highly intrigued at the picture and the video of it rolling around with that expression on it's face made me and my partner laugh out loud. It's definitely unique and different to a normal ball which children usually get bored with fairly quickly, and is perfect for younger babies/children who can chase it around. The man sitting on top will make it easier for them to pick up too! 

Creative Toys:

Last of all, creative! Children of all ages love to get messy more often than not, and these types of items are the most regularly used and adored in our house: 

1. Play Doh Dentist - Another great toy to inspire imaginary play, but definitely more of an option for people who don't mind mess and aren't worried about it getting stuck in carpets. Just like Marmite you either love or hate Playdoh, so if you're buying this as a gift for someone I would probably check with them first what their thoughts are on it. As someone who lives in a house with a fully laminated living room and kitchen, I really don't mind!

2. Non Toxic Crayons (For Babies) - I actually bought these for a friend last year and she told me how amazing they are, how easy they were for her son to hold and with these, there's no need to worry if they are still mouthing and try to chew on it because they're completely non-toxic, which takes that added stress away. The quicker you introduce children to a crayon and putting pen to paper, the better. 

3. Kinetic Sand - Same as the Playdoh, make sure to check if you're buying this as a gift because this stuff tends to go everywhere, but if you don't mind and have an area where the kids can go wild, this is definitely my preferred option of the two because it is just fascinating to children who can play with it for such a long time. This must be used with older children who aren't still putting things in their mouths though (3+) - so keep that in mind! 

4. Water Drawing Mat - A cheaper version of the Aqua Doodle which does the exact same thing! I can't believe I have made it almost 4 years into parenting and have never experienced an aqua doodle, but I have bought this specific one for my kids this year and I know they'll love it.


And there you go! I really do hope this helps you to find more ideas or spark some other ideas up. If you do buy anything make sure to tell me so I know this has been helpful!

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