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Monday, 11 November 2019

*Disclaimer: Some of these items were gifted to me in exchange for a feature within this Christmas Gift Guide. I will put a * next to the items I received. There is also 1 affiliate link used at the end of this post which I will mark with (AF). This means at no extra cost to you, I can earn a small commission based on the individual sales of that product. All prices stated are subject to change. 

It's that time of year again. Bonfire night is over, Simon Cowell's luminous smile is being aired on most TV's around Britain, and whether you like it or not, you can't escape the sound of Jingle Bells playing in every shopping centre. It's my favourite time of the year, but it's also the time I feel the most stressed and overwhelmed because I never know where to start when it comes to buying other people gifts. If this is you, don't worry - I have got you covered. I love writing Christmas Gift Guides and I really hope you find this handy/it sparks up some other ideas you may not have thought of. 

Without further ado, here are 31 UK gift ideas for mothers & daughters (and I have even categorised them all so you don't have to worry):

For The Occasional Alcohol Lovers:

*1. Tomatin Whisky's Cask Strength Range (visit the website to find your local stockist) - This beautiful, classy looking bottle would look great as an addition to any present pile under the tree. The website states Cask Strength whisky is 'Matured in a classic combination of first fill ex-Bourbon and ex-Oloroso Sherry casks, aromas of golden syrup and ginger biscuits prevail while flavours of malt loaf and marzipan lead to a dry, lingering spicy finish.'. It sounds absolutely wonderful and I know many relatives of mine who would really appreciate this as a gift. 

2. Rose Gold Wine Glasses - £17.99 

3 & 4. Christmas Hampers Available from Farrar & Tanner / Cuckooland - Hampers are such a good gift idea as larger hampers can be used as a main gift or smaller ones can be given as an additional gift, and they're even a brilliant idea for colleagues and other family members too. There are plenty available online to choose from. Here are two websites I found that differ slightly depending on what you're looking for.

The Beauty Lovers:

1. Shape Up Eyebrow Tweezers - £6 - You can never have enough pairs of tweezers as they seem to go missing just as much as hair ties do! These would make a pretty great stocking filler gift.

*2. Procoal's Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder - £9.99 - Procoal are a wonderful brand who offer vegan and cruelty free products. This activated charcoal powder is a gift that would be great as either a main present, part of a beauty hamper or included inside of a stocking. One jar is a 5-6 month supply so excellent value, and is brilliant for those of us who are big coffee and tea drinkers, and even brilliant for smokers who have stained teeth. For more information on the product and how it works, visit their website above for a more detailed explanation.

3. Disney Villain Eyeshadow Pallet - £14.99 - I think deep down everyone is a little bit Disney obsessed, and if you aren't, the colours available in this pallet are beautiful and could be worn in a number of ways regardless! It's also good value at just £15 for 12 shades, so I would definitely recommend.

*4. T-Zone Glitter Peel Off Mask - £6.99 - Another great value stocking/beauty hamper filler that most people enjoy and love. There's just something wonderful and refreshing about peeling off a face mask and feeling amazing underneath afterwards and the tube options are always my favourite as you can apply as much or as little as you want without wasting any. As always, if you buy this for someone, make sure they do a patch test first before applying it to their whole face. 

Those Who Dress Comfortable:

*1. Love Leggings - £14 - These leggings are perfect for winter and especially for those who love comfy leggings. They're thick, fleece lined and so cosy, and their whole range (including kids) is so varied. Those who love high-waisted, a cropped leg, sports leggings or even maternity, they have them all and their sizes also range from a 4 to a 28 so brilliantly diverse too. It's definitely worth spending more money for a good quality pair of leggings that you know will last and especially if you are giving them as a gift.

2. Sophie Allport Bee Tote Bag - £40 - Sophie Allport does a beautiful range of products with the bee motif (click the link), this mustard bag is one of my favourites but there are so many others to choose from!

3. Asos Faux Fur Mustard Coat - £32 - A wardrobe staple, especially in Winter. There's currently £8 off so make sure you grab it while you can!

The Ones Who Love To Be Creative:

1. Stitch Set - £12.99 - Cross stitching is being revived and becoming a new trend, especially on the likes of Etsy, so this would be a lovely gift for someone creative who could discover a new passion!

2. 365 days - £12.99 - A challenge gift for an artist. There's a page and a prompt every single day to make sure whoever you gift it to never runs out of ideas and keeps practicing their art style! It would be great to come back next Christmas to see if they had actually completed the whole book! 

3. Pebble Art - £7 - Similarly to the cross stitching set, pebble art is a new trend that is also becoming increasingly popular. You can find pebble art in The Range for upwards of £40-50+! For someone who loves DIY and artsy gifts, this would be perfect. 

*4. Derwent Dotted Journal Set - £22.49 - One of my favourites. I've loved the idea of bullet journaling for the longest time, and I am so grateful to Derwent for sending me this over. The set is so beautiful and classy looking so would be a brilliant gift regardless of age! Included is the journal (120 pages) with an elastic closure, the journal opens flat and comes with four water based fine liner pens. This would be lovely for someone artsy who is a lover of stationary and has the time/passion to design a new spread for every month! 

The Ones Who Want To Save The World:

*1. Procoal Shampoo Bar - £6.95 - The second Procoal product mentioned in this guide but I really love this brand. The shampoo bars are free of cruelty, are 100% vegan and one bar is the equivalent to three whole bottles of shampoo! They're also free of parabens & silicones so good for curly girls too. Think of the plastic waste you'll be saving if you buy one of these bars for a loved one instead of a bottle, and watch them be converted to shampoo bars forever - I know I am!

2. Beauty Gift Box - £32.95 - A whole environmentally friendly set from Wearth London which would be a fantastic main gift idea for a loved one. Included are: Bath salts, a clay mask, body buff sponge, large natural soap bar, nourishing face oil & a personalised message from the brand. £1.25 of each sale also goes towards the YoungMinds charity which helps young people who are struggling with mental health issues - definitely a brand to get behind! 

3. Natural Candle - £24 - Three different scents to choose from: English Meadow, Neroli and Black Pomegranate which are all environmentally friendly! Made with soy and coconut wax and hand poured into classy white painted holders, these have a burn time of up to 60 hours and are definitely worth the money. 

*4. ModiBodi - £23.50 - Something I absolutely can't live without now and I have been recommending these to everybody - Period pants! They do a whole range for adults as well as young adults/teens, have a wide range of sizes to suit most and are environmentally friendly, what more could you want? If you want to read my review of the ModiBodi pants before you buy, click here

The Gadget Lovers:

1. Coffee Machine £32.99 - Definitely more for mothers than daughters I would say. This VonShef coffee machine will keep coffee warm for up to 35 minutes after it has been brewed, and can be set to make coffee strong, medium or weak so perfect for those who like to mix it up throughout the day. 

2. Analogue Radio – £34.99 - Brilliant for decoration or to be used as an actual radio. I love the appearance of vintage style radios in peoples homes!

3. Foot Spa & Massager – £29.99 - Another one more focused at mothers, grandmothers and colleagues who need a treat! I feel like foot spa/massagers are the perfect cheesy gift that people actually love and enjoy. This one massages, bubbles and heats up so no need to keep refilling it with warm water when it goes cold. 

4.  Llama Duster - £11.99 - For the one who loves to eat crumbs over their computer! It's quite a novelty style gift but definitely practical and one that would look cute on anyone's desk - a colleague or a loved one! 

The Statement Jewellery Wearers:

There's something for everyone when it comes to statement jewellery. I'm a big fan of the dainty personal jewellery, for example birthstones, initials and jewellery with a meaning. All of the items above are listed below and are a range of prices depending on what you're looking for. I'd highly recommend looking at their websites too as there are lots of other options to choose from if these pieces aren't your cup of tea! 

1. Birthstone Pendant - £85 

2. Sun Necklace - £100 

3. Mandala Bracelet - £70  

4. Dipped Earrings - £17 

The Ones Who Love To Unwind:

1. Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Mask - £4 - Featured on This Morning as one of the face masks of the year, who wouldn't want a 'puffy the eye bag slayer' cooling mask for just £4 in their stocking?! This would definitely be a hit at sleepovers. 

2. Spa At Home Luxury Sheet Masks - £9.95 - This set includes 1 detoxifying mask, 1 thermotherapy mask and 1 eye therapy mask. Definitely a pricier set but for people who love applying face masks, this would be right up their street! 

3. Aromatherapy Gift Set - £32.65 - One for those who love Aromatherapy! This set comes with 3 essential oils, a large pillar candle, a massage oil, a coconut base oil and a storage tin to keep them in. Visit the website to read more about what each oil does and how you can use them. 

4. Bath Bomb Set (AF) - £22.99 - A gorgeous set of 12 large bath bombs that come in a beautiful wooden box that you could re-use for other bath bombs/melts. I am a fan of anything that comes in re-usable packaging so including this was a must for me. Bath bombs are great for anyone regardless of age (well, if they have a bath at home) and 12 decent sizes in a variety of scents with great reviews for £22.99 is an absolute bargain. 


If you do end up buying any of these items, let me know!

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