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Friday, 11 October 2019

*AD: These pants were sent to me by ModiBodi in order for me to provide an unbiased and honest review. 

Periods. Not something I ever really thought I'd be talking about on my blog, but hey, most of us have them so why the hell not. If you're sensitive to the discussion of periods and blood I'd probably advise not reading this post - you've been warned!

I've been on a mission to become more eco-friendly as of late. We all know the planet is dying, but we rarely think of how wasteful we truly are with every day essentials. Personally, I'm more of a pad user than a tampon user. I find tampons uncomfortable and because of this I have never entertained the idea of using a menstrual cup. 

When I see pads now, all I can think about is how much plastic waste I am contributing to landfill.

I recently read that one single pad is the equivalent to four carrier bags, which is absolutely horrific to think about, sitting in landfill.

Each pad is wrapped individually in plastic, and the whole pack is usually wrapped entirely in plastic, before it makes it's way to supermarket shelves. I have always been stuck on the idea of what to do to eliminate this though as I have never had the money available to invest in as many reusable pads I go through in a normal week. I also worried about the smell, the process, everything. 

I also had the same concerns when ModiBodi contacted me, asking if I would like to review their pants specifically for period use. When I told friends and family they all said "won't they feel wet though?", "what if they kick off a stink after a few hours?", "oh I am not sure how I feel about that".

I have heard so many great things about ModiBodi though from a lot of friends, so I knew I had to give them a try before I knocked them completely, and let me tell you...

I am so glad I did. 

I started using them on their own on day 2 of my period, mainly because my flow is exceptionally heavy on the first day and I wanted to make sure I gave them a fair shot as I wouldn't use a menstrual cup or any other product of this kind on my first day either. Ironically, I leaked through on the first day using normal sanitary products and normal pants, so in hindsight I wish I had given the pants a go instead.

ModiBodi offer different levels of absorbency depending on your flow and the website states that the pair I was gifted (linked here) are for overnight use/heavy absorbency, which is absolutely perfect for me. My period only tends to get lighter right at the end, and I know many other women who are the same. Because of this, the pants I have to try are quite thick from midway up the front, all the way up to the very back. They were very comfortable but I guess some might suggest they're rather Bridget Jones-esque. Nothing wrong with that though, I love a big comfy pair of pants. I am still wearing massive pants that I bought for after I gave birth that were supposed to be temporary, oh well! I suppose this would only ever really be a problem if you're used to wearing thongs and tampons.

So, I popped them on at around 5pm as I actually intended on using them overnight to put them to the full test, which is when leaking is at its prime for the majority of us. I actually visited the toilet a few times before I went to sleep, and I didn't spot any transfer or anything on the actual pad of the pants. I didn't feel wet either, or notice a smell.

I paired them with a lovely pair of light grey pyjama bottoms so I could see if there were any visible stains after using them too. I wanted to be thorough before recommending them, but also for my own curiosity, obviously.

When I woke up the next morning there was nothing. No stains, still no dampness or anything else that was visible. The pants did feel heavier and there was the faintest smell but it wasn't blood, it was more like a cardboard type smell, but not strong or unpleasant and I definitely couldn't smell it with my trousers over the top after nearly 16/17 hours of use. pst: It's also worth mentioning that I never encountered this smell again after I had washed them (I used them four times as my periods last around 10 days and I only had 1 pair), so it might have been a new product chemical as opposed to the actual pants themselves. 

I took them off to wash them shortly after and followed the ModiBodi washing recommendations to a T, which meant rinsing out the pants first in cold water, followed by spinning them on a delicate wash without fabric softener and hanging them to dry. It's been a rainy couple of weeks as of late so I popped them over my radiator instead and turned the heating on, and just like that, they were as good as new again.


Honestly, these pants are a revelation to me. There was just something so great about being on your period without the giant wedge of a pad between your legs, sticking to your skin or folding as you pull your knickers up. For me, I was mainly worried about them smelling or them feeling bulky and uncomfortable, and I didn't have either issue. I have worn them on repeat after washing for the rest of my period and still haven't had a single problem. I did scan the reviews on the website to see what issues people were having and the main one I seen was that the seam was coming away or the elastic after one use, but after following the washing instructions on the website, I have got to say my pair are absolutely fine and still in perfect condition (and the customers in question were offered a replacement underneath their comments, which is fantastic).

I also bought a size 18 and I'd say they're pretty true to size, the elastic around the waist band is quite well fitted but that's essential for making sure the pants stay in place. There are measurement guides on the website for sizing options but at the moment the ModiBodi website offers sizes 4XS (2) to 6XL (26).

Overall I would absolutely recommend people try these and go in with a complete open mind, as I had all kinds of assumptions having never used a reusable period product in my life and was truly shocked at how brilliant they really are!

Please let me know your thoughts! Are you open to reusable products or will you be sticking with plastic products? and if so, do let me know why! 

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