Why I Will Never Support The SacconeJoly's Again

Sunday, 18 August 2019

If you don't know who the SacconeJoly's are, here's a bit of background before we get into the nitty gritty. The family of six have grown, literally, in front of the general public on their YouTube channel over the last 10 years. The mother (Anna) and father (Jonathan) shared their proposal online, the wedding, the pregnancy announcements and births of all 4 of their kids along with the usual normality of day to day life as a modern family. As it stands they have around 1.9 million followers and average around 100k-200k views per video.  

I started watching them in the really early days when Jonathan found a crow behind their fireplace and had to retrieve it using a dog cage whilst Anna screamed in the background. I thought they were hilarious, down to earth and I could have only hoped that my family would have been as wonderful as theirs one day. They continued to grow as public figures and their attitudes changed completely. They were no longer the happy-go-lucky family that they previously portrayed, and instead they regularly promoted their new lavish lifestyle through designer label hauls, endless pricey products and more, which left a terrible taste in the mouth of the audience who previously loved them so much. 

On top of this, they started using click bait (where you insinuate something false has happened to get people to click on the video) of their children being ill, Anna being pregnant or giving birth early if she already was pregnant, and one even suggested one of the kids had gone missing when they hadn't. 

I stopped watching them years ago, just before Alessia was born, but I still continued to support them as people despite the many problematic behaviours they have displayed over the years. From ignoring advice about kids wearing coats in car seats, not supporting the head of their newborn in a video, promoting questionable parenting and seemingly being unbothered knowing their children's pictures were uploaded to websites frequented by people with an interest in children (according to this article by The Guardian).

I recently caught up with a video they had posted about trolls. They talked about how they have been hounded by 'trolls' for as long as they can remember. Some suggesting Jonathan is a 'rapist' for a joke he made about using the date rape drug on his own wife, some contacting their children's schools, hacking their accounts, reporting them to social services, the RSPCA, and ruining every brand opportunity they ever got. I watched it and genuinely felt bad for them. It's a hard gig trying to get sponsorships from brands to keep your life afloat, and it must be even harder to do so when you have a group of people trying their best to ruin your life

"We're not bad people" he claims in the video, and I agreed. Everything they have done so far has been questionable but nothing that would make me want to 'cancel' them for good. Everyone makes mistakes, we learn new things every day and take the advice of others to become better people. 

This time, however, it has gone too far. 

On August 13th, they uploaded a video to their channel called "Our 2 Year Old Has A Problem". Within the video they discussed how Alessia, the two year old, had been taking her nappy off during nap time, taking the poo out of her nappy and smearing it in her bed. 

According to the SacconeJoly's, their solution to this behaviour was to wash down their two year old in a 'cold shower' to teach her that this behaviour is wrong. They eventually removed this portion of footage from their video, but you can watch it here. It begins at around 1:34. 

She admits to doing it twice, and you can hear one of the kids in the background say "oh like last night" when they say she has had a cold shower. In the video she says to Alessia "you got a cold shower, do you know why?", and Alessia replies "no" with her hands covering her eyes. Of course she doesn't, because she's two years old. She also goes on to say that she can't do the punishment and Jonathan has to do it because she thinks it's too cruel. Why let him do it then? As a mother I would never EVER let my partner carry out such a horrible act on my child. In fact, I'd report him to social services and leave him immediately. 

It's also worth mentioning that they have since come forward to say that the water was 'tepid' and not cold, and it therefore isn't 'abuse', however somebody counted that she'd mentioned the word 'cold' five times in the original video, Jonathan even rubs his hands together as though he is warming them up. They also claimed that they don't think they have done anything wrong, however, this begs the question of why they removed the footage in the first place if they don't believe there was anything wrong with this punishment. 

Another red flag for the use of this method is a video they posted from 2017, below. At around 3:45, Emilia is playing with her dolls and says she puts them in a cold shower if they are naughty: 

Now, I don't know about your children, but mine would never ever know what a cold shower is, nor would they mention it. Before this scandal, I didn't even know about this punishment and I certainly didn't consider that people would be using it in 2019. 

Have you ever been in the shower when it has suddenly ran cold? Not fun is it. It is a comedic moment in films and TV shows, because it usually results in the person screaming and jumping out as quick as they can. Now can you imagine actually putting your tiny child through that without letting them out of it because they've done something you deem to be unacceptable? Something completely normal for a child to do? 

Can you even imagine the outrage if this was your average working class couple living on a council estate, bragging about using this method on social media and shaming the exact child they did it to?

Oh and the best part of all, is that Jonathan, the father, has only recently been crowned Celebrity Dad of The Year.

Edit: I have just been sent this video on Instagram too which is awfully suspicious. If you go to around the 14:00 mark, you can hear Erika, Anna's sister, asking if the kids will be having a "warm shower". What other kind of shower would they be having, Anna?

My opinion

We actually went through this exact same thing with our two year old and so upon hearing about it I could completely relate to the struggle. It was a nightmare to wake up every morning to walls covered in poo, hands and carpet filthy and a stray turd hiding somewhere. We bought footless onesies to put on our son, back to front and we just told him how dirty it was repeatedly until he eventually stopped doing it, two to three weeks later. 

As above, I even resorted to asking on Facebook parent groups for advice in regards to the matter. 

You see, when my son was doing it, we'd find him in his room with a big smile on his face. He thought it was fun, he didn't know how disgusting it was and how horrified we would be, and so it was our job as his parents to make him understand that this was not acceptable. Did I lose my temper after dealing with it every day for days on end? Absolutely. Did physical punishment EVER enter my mind? Never.

Anna says in the video that apparently this is the only method that works to stop it (which is absolutely not true Anna, because I managed perfectly fine without it). Also to add, as a mother, surely you'd research any punishment you carry out on your child before going through with it, right? 

Except when you google "cold water punishment child", the first thing you will see is a link that says "The Worst Ways to Discipline a Child". On this website it states:

"How can showers with cold water be such a bad punishment? Well, children are not developmentally used to colder temperatures in the water. Having them take those showers poses their risks for pneumonia and other ailments. "
If pneumonia could be the outcome of a punishment, how can that possibly be okay?

In the 1920's, the CIA used cold water to acquire confessions from prisoners and schools in the 20th century used cold showers to punish children who were misbehaving, both labelled as a form of torture.

In all honesty, following this, I never ever want to see them or their faces on social media again. I will never support them or feel sympathy for them again either.

In fact, I have blocked both of their accounts on every platform and I have openly tweeted about this  situation a few times in hope that the word spreads further, because I haven't seen a single media story discussing this topic. I refuse to stop talking about it though, and I don't think anyone should be silenced. They admitted it themselves. The video is there for all to see.

It's also easy to forget that these are real people who dramatise their own lives and children for views, but they are. That is a real two year old child who was forced to endure two showers (at least the ones they admitted to) at cold temperatures to upset her enough that she would stop the behaviour she doesn't even know is wrong.

If that isn't the most heartbreaking thing you could share with the internet about your own child I don't know what is. I would be mortified to grow up knowing that my parents shared with hundreds of thousands of people that they used to punish me with cold water when I didn't behave the way they wanted.

I'll leave you to make up your own mind about whether you think it is abuse or not.

If you do agree with what I have said, alerting people like the NSPCC, social services and informing any newspapers/anyone with a platform about this video is certainly a step in the right direction.

Do not come here defending the behaviour displayed, as your comment will not be approved and you will be blocked from commenting further. 


  1. This story has my heart broken.i look at my child and couldn't possibly imagine doing anything like that to her. They're children, they are learning. What's wrong with simply talking to your child and telling them right and wrong?
    Anyone who thinks this isn't torture needs a head wobble.

    Although this is a horrible subject, you've written this perfectly, well done.

  2. Thank you for making a post about this. They need to be held accountable and their babies need to be protected.

  3. I have watched their vlogs for many years. To be honest, I fell in love with Emilia and kept watching. However, hearing them talk about the cold shower upset me enough to unsubscribe and to comment on my shock and horror at the abuse. Their young minions came to their defense more often that I would have thought possible. His attempts at painting a different picture on Instagram have been sickening. Anna vlogged herself on Instagram playing with Alessia in her bed and being all sweet and kind to her daughter. I have never seen Anna act like that with any of her kids. She is a cold fish. As a mom, I could never imagine torturing my child. I hope this story finds the right people to investigate and hold them accountable. My heart breaks for Alessia and her siblings. I wonder at what age Andrea will start getting cold showers?

  4. Thank you for taking this as seriously as it is. Keep spreading their shame.

  5. I work in childcare and we do a lot of courses on safeguarding. This would be a red flag if a child came into nursery and said they were given a cold shower for being "naughty" I've unfollowed too. I just think of my 3 and how I could never do that! You've put it exactly how I feel about it.

  6. I watched their video on trolling and really felt for Anna as she cried about how awful it was to have police investigate them for child abuse. Now, I wonder if she told them about these cold showers?

    As well as the physical unpleasantness of being shoved under cold water, I hate that the whole world knows she was smearing poo from her nappy. That will be hugely embarrassing as she grows up, and she can never have her privacy back.

  7. Also how embarrassing for Alessia for everyone to know about that nappy/poo thing, like I know every child does disgusting things but not every child has it announced to the whole world!

  8. Thank you so much for highlighting this in such a well written article. I cried when I thought about a two year old being subjected to a punishment of a cold shower. Their management company are trying to silence everyone but, it won't work. For years, child abuse has been covered up by both the government and media and I am appalled at Gleam Futures trying to silence people - who are showing genuine concern. This family are 'influencers' and if they portray that cold showers on an infant to be a 'normal punishment' - how many more children are going to be subjected to this ? This behaviour needs stopping quickly and they need to take full responsibility for their actions, instead of making excuses that the water was 'tepid'. Their fans are blindly sticking by them as if they can do no wrong and it is worrying

  9. It's absolutely horrific. People need to give their heads a shake and think back to Baby P, Victoria Climbie etc. There's never an acceptable excuse for treating your child like this, ever, full stop. I hope they get dropped and investigated by the relevant authorities because this is some bullshit that shouldn't be allowed to be masked by 'influence'.

  10. This can't be allowed to go away. Frankly I always took their self-pitying stories about 'trolls' with a pinch of salt. they claimed trolls had recently lost them brand deals but a bit of digging shows that they lost them due to their own actions. Anna retweeted a racist meme that lost them the Disney holiday they were meant to be on for Andy's birthday for example. And I call BS on the school being hacked by a troll; how do they know it wasn't a fan? Or even themselves having forgotten their own password?
    They have always used their childrens' discomfort and distress as entertainment. Oh maybe it was just on a low level, nothing too cruel but constantly there, like the way he always filmed Emilia in floods of tears when she had to say goodbye to her Oma. He'd zoom in on her face. Or when he'd ridicule Eduardo for liking dresses at the same time as pretending to be so gender progressive to his fans. They are vile people. Once you see them for how they really are you start to notice all the other crap they've done. I wish I knew how to upload clips to Youtube, I could put together something that would really expose how bad they are. Thanks for writing this.

    1. So well stated. I fell under their spell when Emilia was born. After the cold shower incident, my eyes are now open. My heart aches for those precious kids.

  11. I would never have known about this without my daughter, Alice Anne, sharing your views. I am shocked that anyone would deem this behaviour towards any child as not abuse. It is very worrying as to what else is possibly going to happen to those children as they get older. Thank you for giving this the attention it deserves and shame on the companies that affiliate theirselves with these poor parents.

  12. I've never been a follower of the SJs, and this solidified why! I am flabbergasted!! Am I right in also right in thinking that her sister actually asks "a cold shower or a bath..." I think there may have been daggers thrown from Anna's eyes behind the camera then!! Honestly, I cannot believe it.

    This is brilliantly written - and kudos for speaking out about them. They seem to have too much support for their abhorant parenting!!

  13. I’ve never watched their videos but one popped up once on my recommended page called “we had to call 999” with an arrow pointing to their baby. It seemed so strange to make a video almost celebrating that.. I never actually watched it but the fact they wanted to use their baby as clickbait was just WEIRD

  14. They obviously didn’t even think it was wrong or they wouldn’t have put it in the video in the first place- very worrying.

  15. A couple of years ago I used to love them. I enjoyed every video, clicked on it as soon as I saw it was uploaded and I thought they were funny and genuine. But the brand deals and the change in their behaviour started bothering me, too, so eventually I stoppped watching them at all. And I haven't seen their videos for a long time now, so I have no idea something like this even happened. It's disgusting – although I don't have any kids myself, I'm the oldest among all of my cousins, therefore I grew up with younger children around me all the time (my youngest cousin is three now). And I've never even heard of anyone using cold water as punishment. When my sisters and I were young, if we did something bad, we got a time out and had to stand in the corner facing the wall for a couple of minutes; we were in no pain at all and the fact that there was absolutely nothing to occupy us and we could still hear the other ones watching the TV or playing in the other room was big enough punishment. But using cold showers is abuse; especially on such small kids who don't really know they did something wrong. Horrible.

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