3 Sensory Activities We Have Tried This Week

Monday, 26 August 2019

This week I have been absolutely obsessed with Pinterest and became obsessed with looking at sensory tray ideas for both of my boys. They both have really destructive tendencies and with nowhere to take out the destructive behaviour we see a lot of frustration and boredom build up pretty quickly. Now, if you'd have asked me 2 years ago whether I would be making sensory trays for my kids, I would have laughed in your face, but from this week alone I have noticed such a big difference, and I also have loved seeing George interact with the things I have made having never done this before.

So here are 3 new things we tried this week:

Farm Animals/Barn Tray

This is the first one I tried, and being completely new to this kind of thing I was pretty impressed at how easily it was to put together. I dyed my rice blue to make a 'water' setting by putting it in a sandwich bag with some food colouring and shaking it for five minutes, and the rest is just porridge oats, cheap coco pops and some rocks from my driveway that I bleached and cleaned. I actually didn't end up leaving the rocks in as George is still putting everything in his mouth and I didn't want to take the risk, but I thought they looked brilliant in there and it is definitely something to add for the older kids. I bought the farm animals in a tub from B&M for £4.99. 

Safe to say they absolutely loved it but the mess wasn't very fun to clean up. Both of the kids went wild with excitement and the box ended up being tipped out and they were making snow angels in the remnants on the floor within about 5 minutes. I hope that as they get used to it they become less destructive, but at least they had fun! 

Animal Rescue

The second one was a big hit - setting the animals from the above box in jelly and leaving it in the fridge overnight. I bought the Dr Oetker sachets for about £1 to test out and they worked brilliantly with just hot water. I also put in a little bit of food colouring - although not too much as I didn't want to start staining hands and feet. I did actually make this for George (16 months) however Oscar, my 3 year old, was desperate to be in on the action and loved it even more than the first. You can make this with proper jelly packets if you want it to be tasty but my goal was for them not to eat it - they still did.

I would definitely recommend doing this one outside as our house has laminate flooring and it became an ice rink in the space of half an hour which was a bit dangerous for George who is only just getting to grips with walking around. If you did it outside it would be much easier to hose off than it was for me to run around with two towels under my feet trying to dry it up as quick as possible.

Dinosaur Activity Box & DIY Moon Sand

The third one was purely for Oscar as I was too wary that George would try to eat the moon sand mixture, pine cones and rocks and I wanted to make it a bit more age appropriate for him so he could play properly.

For the materials I used some pine cones that we had actually gathered from our local park around 2 months ago. We had painted half of them but I thankfully saved the other half for a rainy day and they made a perfect addition to this box & free of charge! 

To make the moon sand I used 2 cups of plain flour to every half cup of baby oil. I'd say this is a rough guide and to go by the texture though as ours needed slightly more oil and I just kept going until it felt right. It is still very floury, however it isn't even a fraction of the cost and sticks together just like shop bought moon sand. I added some green food colouring however it clumped together a bit and took some working in to actually show the colour as the flour absorbed it almost immediately. I also finished it off with a bit of green glitter too.

We still had a moon sand box we bought for christmas that had a little digging tool in and some other dinosaur 'fossils' and moulds so I buried them underneath the sand and let him discover it all and we've kept this one on the side so he can get a bit more enjoyment out of it before we remake it into something else. 

Next on our list is making a moon/space theme with homemade play dough, lego, mini DIY flags & star glitter, playing using water & mud and doing an ocean jelly themed box. I did get most of these ideas from Pinterest so if you want to follow me there, feel free!

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