by - June 12, 2019

If any of you were following me on my last blog, or have been around on my Twitter, you'll have probably read that I am no longer blogging as a brand and starting over. I can't link you to the post I had written as I have deleted my old blog, and erased everything. I know a lot of people will probably think "Why on earth have you done that? All of that hard work is gone", but to be honest, I have nothing but bad thoughts about that website and I really kind of wanted to just start fresh. 

Hopefully you all won't mind.  

I started 'Mumconventional' when Oscar was around 6 months old. I actually started off as 'talesoftinytoes' I believe. I quickly realised that their toes wouldn't be 'tiny' forever, and so I changed it because I didn't want to have that issue somewhere down the line, and then I ended up being stuck in the 'mum blogger' category and I hated it. I hated feeling like I was putting too much detail about my kids on the internet, and I never really liked my URL either. As someone from the North-East who uses the word "mam" it just didn't feel right or like me at all. Whenever I wanted to talk about something other than parenting, I felt like I couldn't because it wasn't what my audience followed me for. I feel like if you follow someone because you think they're solely talking about parenting, and then they start talking about books, you'd be like "this isn't what I signed up for, goodbye". If you know you're following someone who talks about anything, it is a lot easier to take the random stuff in between the things you actually like. Hopefully that makes sense. I am rambling now. 

Another reason is that I was almost never proud of anything that I had wrote unless it was something I felt strongly about or mental health related. I could talk about baby led weaning all day but am I passionate about it? No, absolutely not. Some people are, though, and that is the best thing about the blogging world - we can all write what we want. 

So anyway, I am now Fern Olivia Blog* and I am going to register my domain properly within the next few months so I am official again. Things will probably look a bit weird on here until I actually get set up properly though. Starting a new blog from scratch again is baffling. I forgot how much effort actually goes in to it. 

*I couldn't be just Fern Olivia because apparently that belongs to someone who does yoga and plant therapy for thyroid problems. I thought my name was pretty uncommon but apparently not.

Thank you for sticking around, if you do, and if you don't want to follow anymore I completely understand.

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